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Greyhond: Precision made professional comb based on the original, classic design, but now with longer teeth and a slightly wider flat back for improved comfort and a surer grip. Features beautifully rounded teeth in a combination of fine and coarse. The Greyhond is hand made, chrome plated and highly polished to minimise drag in the coat. Overall length is 19cm with 32mm long teeth.

Others: These multifunctional combination comb is the perfect everyday comb for groomers and offers fine and coarse teeth suitable for most general grooming jobs. The smooth chrome finish allows the comb to glide through the coat.


Instructions for use: Comb in the direction of coat growth. To lift coat prior to cutting, hold the comb at one end between fore finger and thumb. Using a circular rolling action comb the coat upwards working from bottom to top.

TIP: To prevent mats and tangles, the dog's coat should be regularly bathed and treated with a conditioner. Brush thoroughly while blow drying.


Product information

Directions for use -
Ingredients Stainless steel
Warnings -
Manufactured in Belgium

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