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Professional pin brush. The ergonomic handle is moulded from impact resistant, ABS plastic and features an anti-slip grip. There are different number of rows of different lenght of pins securely mounted into the supple silicone rubber pad. Each pin has a meticulously rounded tip to ensure maximum comfort for the dog and to prevent hair breakage. Ultra light brushes. The pins are GUARANTEED not to sink into the pad.


Instructions for use: 

Long coats - Gently brush with a light, long stroke, brushing beyond the ends of the hair tip to avoid static and breakage. For best results brush the hair in layers. Start at the bottom by parting the coat horizontally and holding the un-brushed portion up with your free hand. Work methodically upwards, keeping your wrist straight.

Curly coats - Brush in the direction of coat growth and then against it using light, long strokes.

Harsh coats - Brush the coat in the direction of coat growth then against if necessary to remove mats and dead hair.

Pay special attention to areas that are prone to matting, like behind ears, on the loins and under the legs. Use a coarse comb to check for any remaining mats after brushing. The Ultra Pro pin brush is ideal for use after bathing while blow drying the coat. Use light, long strokes with and against the direction of coat growth. Brush slowly to avoid static build-up. If the coat is matted, use the Ultra Pro pin brush in combination with a de-matting tool. To prevent mats and tangles, the dog's coat should be regularly bathed and treated with a conditioner.


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