Powder Spray Bottle (Show Tech)

Powder Spray Bottle (Show Tech)

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This advanced, refillable spray bottle has an extended sprayer for targeted application of coat powderss. Due to the locking mouthpiece the powder stays inside the bottle. The unique inner mechanism ensures maximum and even powder distribution on the coat. Perfect for accurately colouring or accentuating certain areas of the coat.

Why to use

The powder dispenser is much quicker and easier for applying any powder because its more precise to use than any other tool to apply powder. Usually if you apply colored powder you end up wearing the color, with this easy dispenser you can apply the powder at the roots without any effort or mess.

How to use

Just put some powder in the dispenser and squeeze the top of the bottle to apply any powder with precision. Even in full and half long coat you can with this easy method apply the powder in the base of the coat near to the roots.

For best results, we recommend filling the spray bottle a little more than half with the powder so that there is still enough room for the mechanism to bring the powder up.

Not suitable for liquids

Product information

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Manufactured in Belgium

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